Bully's is an hourly and monthly rehearsal space  in  New Westminster, BC. 

we offer affordable equipment rentals,

storage + a small music store. 

Bully's Rehearsal



Hourly Rehearsal


Green Room

Medium Sized 



The main Room

large Sized 




The Green Room

Medium Sized


The main Room

Large Sized


Orange Room


Hourly Rooms Come With:
PA System
Drums (Excluding Cymbals)
Bass and Guitar Cabs
Mics, stand, and cords

Cymbals and Guitar/Bass Heads are avalible to rent

Monthly  Shared Lock-outs are currently FULL  Contact Us

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The New West Front

Our club inspired venue / Film and recording studio.

  • Perfect Club and DJ vibes.

  • Bar service.

  • great lighting.

  • Flexible hours.

Shows filming and recording

Bully's Studio's 

Our small capacity CBGB's inspired 

venue and 

  • Perfect for multi band shows.

  • Bar service.

  • Easy access.

  • Great sound and vibe.



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Contact Us

67 Sixth St. New Westminster., BC

bullysstudios@gmail.com  \  Tel: 604-349-7358


Mon - Fri: 12pm - 12am  \  ​​Sat  -Sun: 12pm - 12am


Time Reservations Required

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